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Titulli:A Philosophy of International Law (New Perspectives on Law, Culture & Society)
Autori: Teson, F.
Botuesi: Westview Press
Viti i Publikimit: 2008
Gjuha: Anglisht
Numri i Faqeve: 208
ISBN: 978-0813368641
Titulli:Chemical Ecology and Phytochemistry of Forest Ecosystems, Volume 39: Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society of North America (Recent Advances in Phytochemistry)
Autori: Romeo, J. (ed).
Botuesi: Elsevier Science
Viti i Publikimit: 2005
Gjuha: Anglisht
Numri i Faqeve: 318
ISBN: 978-0080447124
Titulli:Climate Change Policy in the European Union: Confronting the Dilemmas of Mitigation and Adaptation?
Autori: Jordan, A., and Huitema, D.
Botuesi: Cambridge University Press
Viti i Publikimit: 2010
Gjuha: Anglisht
Numri i Faqeve: 304
ISBN: 978-0521196123
Titulli:Critical Political Ecology. The politics of environmental science
Autori: Forsyth, T.
Botuesi: Taylor & Francis e-Library
Viti i Publikimit: 2003
Gjuha: Anglisht
Numri i Faqeve: 272
ISBN: 978-0415185639
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